Competing cyber norms

Cyber warfare can be hard to imagine as you can’t rule out any type of cyber warfare, as policymakers think of a lot of scenarios. There have been smaller acts of cyber aggression that have given us an idea of cyber warfare through smaller attacks. It is impossible to rule out any scenarios, even wild […]

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Deterrence in cyberspace

The World Politics review piece talked about how the US must change its cybersecurity strategies in order to stay relevant and aggressive to its adversaries. The US is not approaching cyberspace or cyber security like its ‘enemies’, which is part of their problem. The article used China as an example, citing that their intentions with […]

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Spying microwaves?

Cybersecurity and cyberwar are words that haven grown in popularity in the past couple years. Yet do we even know what they mean? After the reading by Singer and Friedman, I can’t say I fully understand all the intricacies of the complicated topics, although I can understand how important they are to our world today. […]

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2001 x Big Data

The Sadler article mentions Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, in its discussion of human and machine interaction in terms of international relations. 2001 happens to be one of my favorite movies to discuss in an academic setting, because few have survived its extra-long and dense duration, and it makes me look really smart and […]

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